Railway line works Tovil

Railway line works Tovil

Posted by Gerry

Works to strengthen the Medway Valley Line railway embankment in Tovil will be starting in mid August 2015. The works are located, approximately 300 metres upstream of Tovil footbridge.
The contractor will be bringing in machinery and materials via the river and mariners are to be aware of the following:
On a weekend day in mid August (tbc) a large 500 tonne crane will lift the floating construction equipment into the river from the cinema site in Maidstone. During this time mariners may be asked to wait temporarily either site of the works so the lifting can be carried out safely.
For the duration of the works a temporary landing platform will be in place 300 metres above Tovil footbridge for use of the tugs and barges moving materials to this location. There will be sufficient room to pass, but mariners must follow the instructions on signage either side of this construction site.
Always give working craft sufficient space to carry out their manoeuvres.
The works are expected to be completed by Christmas 2015.

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