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Membership and joining

How do I join?

If you know an existing member of the club, they can nominate you for membership. If you do not know an existing member, you can complete the form above to contact our membership secretary. When we receive your nomination/application, someone from the committee will be in touch to find out a bit more about you, and offer you an interview date.

How much does membership cost?

Membership costs include a one off registration fee of £75 followed by an annual subscription of £45.  

What is the interview about?

It's a chance for us to find out a bit more about you, why you want to join and how you'll fit in to our club. The people who interview you will make a recommendation to the EFCC committee. If approved by the committee, our membership secretary will be in touch to welcome you on board! 

Member benefits

  • Tidal and non-tidal cruises
  • Social activities and dinners throughout the year
  • Experienced members who are happy to share their knowledge!
  • Competitions and games
  • Annual fun day
  • Access to our club land in Teston
  • Bank holiday cruises
  • Regular newsletter and annual year book
  • Exclusive EFCC Burgee
  • EFCC merchandise - cruise the river and look good!

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