The Management Committee

Our committee consists of executive and non-executive members who run our club on a day-to-day basis. They are mostly elected at our Annual General Meeting each year, and meet every month. Occasionally a member can be co-opted on to the management committee, e.g. if the position is newly-created or not filled at the AGM. All members are welcome to attend committee meetings and watch proceedings!

Flag Officers

(& Bulletin Editor)
Vice Commodore
(& Membership Secretary)
Rear Commodore Cruising
Tracy Bilewicz (Nee Radford)
Paul MitchellJohn Norcott


Hon TreasurerHon Secretary
Mike DurrentJim Horsman

Committee member with specific responsibility

Social SecretaryVice Commodore CruisingLand ManagerMRUA RepWebsite Manager

Sue WillsonBen NorcottDerek ForemanKaty MerchantStephen Paine

Committee members

Peter Brooker
John MacKevitt
Paul Watts
Val Mitchell
Sam Ray

Auditors and Trustees

VacantJulie LawrenceJim Lawrence
John NorcottPeter BrookerKen Atmore

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